Spring Cleaning and Christmas Feast

Monday 15th Dec I started the big clean-out in my house and have no idea where I got the sudden burst of energy. According to my calculations I was 9 weeks along and could not understand why I had so much energy and suddenly no nausea, yet with my two previous pregnancies those awful symptoms plagued me right up to 12 weeks and suddenly stopped almost as if by the flick of a switch. Again the worrying started a little since without all those symptoms I just did not feel pregnant. My breasts, however, were still extremely tender but still that did not make me feel better as after too much reading I surmised that even if baby dies in-utero and your pregnancy signs start to disappear, the breast tenderness is the last to go. Well I tried not to think too hard about it and the week went by in a flash with a lot of junk being thrown out and the house starting to really take shape.
The following week I was back at work on Monday and Tuesday before Christmas although my boss let me go home very early both days, so on Tuesday afternoon myself and the girls finally decorated the Christmas tree and by Tuesday night there were lights everywhere, wreaths on the doors, father Christmas in the entrance and of course, Christmas music playing in the background. Finally Christmas was here. On Wednesday I did some last minute shopping with kids and Oli and the shops were an absolute nightmare to be in. But finally we had everything sorted out and my wonderful husband gave into my begging and bought me an i-pod for Christmas.

Christmas Eve we went to some friends for dinner but I left pretty early due to a painful lower back which was something that troubled me with the last pregnancy too.
I am not sure how I got through Christmas day but we had friends around for lunch and some others that popped in and decided to stay for lunch as well. The whole morning was spent in the hot kitchen cooking turkey, gammon, roast potatoes, vegetables etc. The kids decorated the table with crackers, hats and lots of other little Christmas goodies. It was a great success but by late afternoon when the crowd started to drink shooters and get the party started I was just ready to fall asleep on my feet. Everybody left by about 5pm as they had other parties to attend and I must admit to being pretty relieved that i could just lie on the bed and channel surf….. sleep came quickly that night


~ by irene0211 on January 7, 2009.

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