Parents come to visit

On Boxing day I started worrying excessively again as i really did not “feel” pregnant anymore. Husband was out for the day and I sat at home crying about the pregnancy. On Saturday morning I told him that I had to quickly go to the gp again and it was just something he was going to have to tolerate with me since after my miscarriage I was no longer that innocent trusting person that believed my pregnancy was a breeze… anything could go wrong.

He decided to drive me there and once again my mind was put to rest… I was sooo convinced this time that it was all over and that I had caused it by overexerting myself leading up to Christmas and on Christmas day so again the overwhelming excitement and relief I felt upon seeing the heartbeat washed over me. Baby moved too and did a kind of cartwheel which put the biggest grin on my face. Of course I got a big lecture from doctor and husband about stressing the baby out with all my worrying and of course their words went straight out the other ear…. they were not going through this… I was and I would do what I needed to do to put my mind at ease.

I could not wait for Sunday 28th as my mom and dad were coming to stay for two days and I had not seen them in nearly a year. We had a lot of catching up to do and on Sunday we all just relaxed and chatted about the bady etc.

Monday was mom’s birthday so we took her out to lunch. My husband had to go back to work afterwards and my dad was suffering with a sudden throat infection again so we took him to the Hospital casualy doctor where he waited for a considerable length of time. This particular day I had been feeling absolutely awful. I had started suffering terrible headaches and this day was probably one of the worst episodes. Earlier in the day I had started getting menstral type cramps around my lower stomach too so coupled with the headaches I was really starting to worry again. Since my obgyn was based at the same hospital where my dad went I decided to pop in to him and find out what other pills I can take besides panado to relieve these headaches. When I mentioned the cramps he said he would prefer to do a scan as cramping is not theoretically a normal thing. Of course you know by now that I was pretty excited about another scan so went into his office very willingly. Wow – since his machine was a lot more state-of-the-art than gp’s machine I could see a lot more detail and baby was being very active.

My gynae decided to do a quick check of the neck and although it was not the detailed scan still due, he did mention to me that he was very happy with the measurement …. what a nice bit of news for me.


~ by irene0211 on January 7, 2009.

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