New Year Celebrations

Well it seemed my extreme fatigue and nausea had most certainly become a thing of the past and instead of worrying so much I tried to convince myself that I was just lucky and should be grateful it was going so smoothly. The same cannot be said for my pregnant belly which has seemed to pop out from nowhere and I look at least 2 months ahead of what I am. I have had serious constipation problems and gassiness too so I guess a lot of it is also bloat (this is what I’ve read so I’m sticking to it).
So Wednesday night at our local ski-boat club we were having a huge New Years Eve party with lots of food and meat on the spit. We sat out on the balcony right on the beachfront and watched the people down below setting off their fireworks, which was pretty spectacular. Sadly I did not see the New Year in but instead asked my husband to take me and little one home at 10:30pm. I do remember waking at 12 midnight to the loud banging of fireworks all over and wishing I was with them all drinking and celebrating. Being there amongst all my friends and not being able to drink and smoke with them was pretty damn hard for me so forgive me if I say I was glad the festive season had come to an end. By no means am I ungratful that I am pregnant and quite frankly I seem to have gone off the alcohol quite a bit but its just a little difficult sitting watching my husband and friends get drunk and silly and just not finding any of their antics amusing at all, in fact sometimes pretty damn stupid.
Oli decided to get home at 4:45am New Years Day so needless to say he was very unpopular with me as it messed up New Years Day, which we did not spend together due to the argument. I spent the whole day crying and feeling very sorry for myself (hormones) so it was not a good day at all for me. On Saturday I decided to pack the girls up and go visit my sister who was holidaying an hour up the coast. It was wonderful to get away and I really needed the time out from Oli to pull myself together. We stayed over on Saturday night and only came back late Sunday afternoon. Oli seemed pretty happy to see us and everything was sorted out.


~ by irene0211 on January 7, 2009.

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