Sharing The News

How I managed to be around Oli and my two daughters the whole night without breathing a word is beyond me but really the reason i did it was again due to the disappointment of the blighted ovum. Oli and I took a HPT and did bloods around 3 wks pregnant, which was enough to have us believe that I was indeed pregnant and all was well. For 5 weeks we believed we were pregnant and at the 8 week scan our hopes and dreams were shattered by one scan and some words of sympathy.
I wanted all the proof I needed before sharing the news with Oli this time as it would have killed me to see any kind of skeptism on his face at all. The very next day I managed to get a scan with our local GP who happens to have a very basic scanner …… my nerves had almost completely unravelled. I strained my neck to look at the screen as he was applying the gel to my lower abdomen … almost forgetting to breathe while he searched until he came to my uterus. Of course he wanted to go into long explanations about yolk sacs and where the placenta was and I had a couple of small fibroids blah blah blah…. barely listening … all I was watching was the small little bean inside my uterus and the tiny little movement that after much experience I just knew was the heart. Unimaginable relief washed over me to see that my little bean was not a clump of dead cells like the last one but a real living embroyo. Sadly his scanner could not print out a picture for me so I had to be happy to just use the HPT for Oli’s surprise at dinner time. I decided to tell my oldest daughter Kaylah late afternoon and together we both made a beautiful little card with the test glued to the inside. We put this into a little box and I made a special dinner which we invited his father to as well (he stays in our cottage at the back of the property). My daughter hands him the box which has a little teddy on top of the card and tells him to open it. I am sitting with my surprised face as if I too have not seen the contents. He opens it and sees the teddy then looks at her very confused and thanks her for the bear, pushes the box aside and continues eating hehehe. Of course she tells him to look under the teddy and he finds the card, opens it, stares hard and looks up at her with a shocked look and says “WHAT IS THIS???” clearly thinking she was pregnant – boy did I laugh. He then turned to me and and asked if I am pregnant and I told him yes, confirmed by bloods and scan and according to scan I am 7 weeks along. To say him and his father were thrilled would be the understatement of the year. After dinner they started calling his family in the UK to tell them about it and anybody else who would listen. A very exciting day to say the least so very early to bed it was for me.


~ by irene0211 on January 5, 2009.

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