First Obgyn appointment

The following day we told my family and close friends and everybody was really very happy for us. I decided to book my first obgyn appointment for Monday 8th December 4pm. The weekend went by in a blur and on the Friday night we had a big tiquila party that we were invited to. I had one beer shandy which I did not finish and then left at 8pm due to the extreme fatique I was still feeling. The rest of the weekend was a weekend of rest for me .. sleeping mid-morning and again mid-afternoon … nauseous at odd times during the day etc.
Monday arrived and I went to work where I struggled to focus and simply wanted to fall asleep at my desk all day. I only work until 2pm which cetainly helps. 4pm I climb up on the examination table with my gown on knowing that dr will be using that horrible wand to do an internal scan due to the baby being a little on the small side. Small price to pay since my heart once again sat in my chest as I started having flashbacks of that terrible appointment 3.5 years earlier. Once again the deep sigh of relief as we all saw little bean with its heart beating strongly. Heart rate was measured at about 149bpm. We took along our video and also got our first snapshot.
Oli and I walked out of there…. hearts swelling with pride.


~ by irene0211 on January 5, 2009.

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